Here for now.

Johnathan and I had a meeting with our affirmation leaders yesterday in Fort Worth, TX for our Covenant Membership with The Village Church. It was awesome. We had dinner with them (David and Andrea) at their home, which they so graciously opened to us. It was so cute. They, like us, had been married since last November so it was really great to have a married couple that was the same ‘age’ as us living only 20 minutes away.

We are loving every little bit of the love we have received at the Village Church from Covenant Membership class, to Recovery Groups to Home groups – Home Groups being our favorite! 😉

Our home group leaders are Mr. Dave and Mrs. Lana who are possibly some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. They are so welcoming and they encourage our youthful input in their group. We seem to be the youngest members but it’s never stopped Johnathan or me from fellowship. They have been a tremendous blessing in terms of making the big city of Dallas seem cozier.

Speaking of cozier, we had ‘home’ visit us last night. Jessica and Jason came to stay the night with us and it was so refreshing to have our good friends with us. Not the best of circumstances, as it was her father’s funeral today but refreshing nonetheless. She and Jason have such beautiful hearts after God and they are always a wonderful reminder of the treasure that good hearts hold.

Elder-led prayer was this past Sunday so we aren’t having regular groups. So we are headed to dinner at Salerno’s now instead. So ready to see my brothers and sisters. Well, so long for now -til next time.



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