Stuck in Traffic

Last Tuesday at dinner our home group noticed I was minimally interacting – which if you know me, sounds nothing like me. I’m loud with an annoying in-your-face kind of love.

I was struggling though and I felt embarrassed for my husband when I slipped him my credit card under the table to pay for our dinner.

Of course, Mrs. Lana in her infinite wisdom called me out in front of everyone. So everyone began asking invasive questions, and mind you, the people in our home group are established upper class business people, for the most part. I am sure NONE of them have it all together, but they have a good amount of it together by the grace of God.

Everybody asked his qualifications, what his degree was in, his prior jobs, what he wanted to do, what he does in the military, etc. Etc.

Anyways after much discussion, we decided that my husband’s “situation” was a prayer request.

By the next morning my patience was out (go figure!) so I convinced him to get in the car and I forced him to go apply for jobs.

We stopped at Chick Fil A for lunch and I said, “Why not here? Sundays off.”

He mustered up every ounce of humility he had and walked in and in less than ten minutes he was OFFERED a job. The next day he went in to sign papers and today was his SECOND day on the job and he couldn’t be happier. He LOVES it. And of course, I’m secretly jealous. He’s getting paid pretty well actually and his boss made sure to do so, because he doesn’t want him looking for anywhere else to work – which I think is sweet.

I’m so excited to go this week and share what God has done for us! God is so faithful. His word I’d TRULY TRUE when He says that whomever follows Him “will not walk in darkness but have the light of life.” Praise our God who delivers us. Amen. ❤

We are so grateful.


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